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Fundraiser for Bobby Frey

One of our great friends and team member Bobby Frey is fighting cancer and he could use all of our help. He's going through some very tough physical, emotional and financial times right now dealing with bladder cancer. His sister Sandy has set up a benefit account at her local bank that is accepting donations from anyone interested and able. Bobby and his wife Cassandra greatly appreciate all of your support & prayers. When he beats this and gets back on his feet, he plans on throwing one hell of a party at one of the local tracks for everyone that was there to get him through this ordeal.

Donations may be mailed to:
"Benefit for Bob"
c/o Citadel Federal Credit Union
4051 W. Lincoln Hwy
Parkesburg, Pa. 19365

You wake up on morning. Something's not right. Go to the washroom. Blood in your urine. Not good. Go to the doctor. They test you six ways from Sunday. Cancer. (What?)... Bladder cancer. (Now what?) Operate. Many times. They gut you like a trout and put you back together, but nothing will ever be the same. Ever. They have saved your life, and you count your blessings from the Lord above. And then the bills come. 100 grand and counting. Your name is Bobby Frey and this is a (highly condensed) true story.

Bobby is a member of the "Frantic Ford" racing team, and even though he might have more "fun" at work than some of us, he's a working guy...just like most of us. If someone handed me a bill for 100 large, I'm not sure what I'd do next. In Bobby's case it was his friends that banded together to see what THEY could do to help.

(The original Frantic Ford goes back to the early days of AA/FC drag racing. A nitro burning Hemi set into a go-cart chassis all covered up with a fiberglass shell that kind of looks like an original car, except it looks out of proportion....much too long, and hence the name "Funny Car". THAT'S what these pictures you've seen on my page are all about... the original FranticFord rebuild has been completed this spring and the car lives and races once again.)

In order to raise funds for Bobby, his friends realized that fans of the sport of drag racing flat out love pretty much anything related to the sport. Art pictures. T shirts. Photographs. Posters. Ball caps. They pondered that a concerted effort to create some new art, all based on the FranticFord Mustang, and then use the art in varied products, with any resulting proceeds generated going to Bobby's benefit.

I was asked if I could help in this effort, and I was more than happy to accept the invitation. Based on an original photo taken by (professional auto/lifestyle photographer) Tom West in early 1969 at Irwindale Raceway in California, you can see driver Ron Rivero in the bleach box doing a burnout with the Frantic Ford, (prior to several shakedown passes to ready the car for the upcoming season back east.) in this piece. Tom West has graciously donated this photo for this effort, and has given me express permission to recreate his original photo... (Thank YOU...Tom West!!)

By: Dave Wishart Art Studio

the build is on DONE!

latest headlines

  • The Frantic Ford was constructed by fabricators Steve Gruenwald and Dale Smith at Coyote Composites in Jupiter, Florida.

  • The Frantic Ford '69 body was taken from a mold from the original Gas Ronda 1969 Ford Mustang.

  • First scheduled appearance for 2014 will be at the Motorama Event in Harrisburg, PA.
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rocky pirrone

Rocky is the President / Owner of Joe Pirrone Transmissions located in Philadelphia, PA and has a toy box of cars that are awesome including the SCREAMIN EAGLE FUNNY CAR, SOUL SURVIVOR TF COUPE, GASSERS … BOSS HYDRO TRIBUTE, K.S PITTMAN TRIBUTE CAR and BIG TIME MEMORIES.

When asked about his early memories of the Frantic Ford funny car Rocky commented, "It's funny. The Frantic Ford Mustang was the first funny car that I ever worked on as a nine year old kid, helping Jimmy Fox with between round maintenance. My dad Joe built the transmissions for this car and having the chance to bring it back to life is something I am looking forward to."

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FF welcomes Boninfante Friction, Inc to our team as products sponsors. Boninfante Friction is the world leader in friction clutch manufacturing for the motorsports market. Boninfante creates custom clutches for an array of applications from street car to full race clutches, from top fuel dragsters and nitro funny cars to F1 and F1H2O boats. Thanks to Nicky Boninfante & Rob Boninfante for all your help.

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